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Redding Plumber Discusses the Importance of Keeping Your Drains Clean

Redding Plumber and Drain CleaningMost people give little thought to the drains in their homes until they get broken or blocked. It is only after this happens that they appreciate how important their drains are, as well as how much their homes depends on a working drainage system. You will require the help of experts who provide drain cleaning and general plumbing services, when something goes wrong with your drainage system. However this article will help you understand the importance of keeping your drains clean as well as how to take care of some minor drain problems on your own.

The pipes that run through your home carry waste water from your house to the septic system or the sewer line. These plumbing lines must be kept clean at all times so that your drains can flow well. Drains that have been blocked with waste, leaves, or worse, serve as breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. They pose a threat to both you as well as your household. For this reason, it is highly essential that you keep your drains clean at all times.

Once you notice that your drains are moving slowly, you may need to invite a specialist who offers drain services, but before you do that, there are a few things you can do by yourself.

If your sink gets clogged, a good way to deal with it is to purchase one of the numerous drain cleaning products in the market. These are available in several different forms; however the gel cleaners are highly effective. All you have to do is pour the gel into the sink, after some time, you rinse it using hot water. The clog within your pipes will be eaten away by the chemicals contained in these cleaners, and all the water does is wash the residue away. This is an effective and inexpensive way of dealing with minor clogs.

If the drain cleaning product you purchased failed to clear the clog, then you may need to carry out some amateur plumbing in order to get rid of the clog. You will find what is called a “u-pipe” under your sink. Use a wrench to unscrew the fittings on the sides of the u-shaped pipe. After that, remove the pipe, and look inside it. Most of the time, the clog is located within this pipe. You can use a brush or a wire hanger to take out the clog. After that, get the pipe screwed back in place. Make sure you have a bucket nearby to hold any excess water or gunk, because this process can be quite messy.

If these options fail to do the job, then you will most likely need to invite a professional who provides drain services. She or he can dislodge whatever is blocking your drain. The drain cleaning professional may push an instrument known as a plumbing snake through your pipes. This instrument has hooks on its end for pulling out clogs. This solution appears easy; however you will require an expert to do this job for you.